Calculating the Annual Savings Resulting From Just Fill Out

Printing Costs

Printing stacks of parent handbooks, enrollment forms, and permission slips can quickly eat up your center’s office budget. For example, it costs approximately $0.09/page to print on a standard office printer. The two largest packets that centers print tend to be the parent handbook (~40 pages) and main enrollment packet (~25 pages). For a center with 100 children, printing 125 copies of each of these documents can cost $731.25 for every enrollment cycle. Assuming a center has a mid-year form update, printing an additional 100 copies of each of these documents costs $585.00, a total of $1,316.25 every year! This can translate to large savings for centers that transition to online enrollment. From savings on paper costs alone, a Just Fill Out subscription pays for itself.

Labor Costs

In addition to printing costs, paper enrollment forms come attached with several hidden costs. With paper forms, center administrators are forced to waste valuable time following up with parents about incomplete forms, copying and disseminating forms to enrolling families, searching for completed paperwork, and entering data from enrollment documents. While a Just Fill Out subscription will not abolish these responsibilities, it can drastically reduce the time spent on each. The table below outlines how much time and money Just Fill Out can save a center administrator.*

Labor Cost (v2).png

*Assuming a center administrator’s wage is $25/hour.

Will Just Fill Out save my center money?

The simple answer is yes. After implementing Just Fill Out centers find savings across their business. While there are obvious benefits, such as the decreased demand of paper, centers will also see less time spent by staff on the enrollment process. We’ve surveyed our current customers and found that for a typical 100 student, single location center, Just Fill Out saves over $1,000/year in printing costs and over $5,600/year in labor costs. To see how we calculated these savings, click here for a detailed breakdown.


Other Benefits of Just Fill Out

Through a user survey we found that Just Fill Out creates value in addition to printing and time savings. As a center moves to cloud solutions, fewer file cabinets are needed freeing up space for more productive uses. Harder to quantify, but perhaps more significant are other benefits realized by our customers. These include the following:

  • 100% audit compliance: all forms complete, typed, dated and signed.

  • Technology-forward image: online enrollment process makes a great first impression and parents recognize that you’ve made an investment that saves them time.

  • Increasing enrollments: With visibility of those parents that have started, but not yet completed, their enrollment forms, you can reach out to them and address any questions or hesitations they have in completing the enrollment.

For a comprehensive overview of how we calculate the annual savings from Just Fill Out, view this article.

Implementing Just Fill Out In Five Easy Steps

Once we’ve setup your Just Fill Out instance, here are a few steps for making Just Fill Out a time and money saving part of your center operations. 

1. Add a link on Your Website

Add a link on your website so parents can just click their way to your Just Fill Out instance. The examples below demonstrate a couple ways of how it can be done. If you don't want your enrollment forms to be public facing, you can simply email this link to parents when they are ready to enroll at your center.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 5.03.58 PM-01.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 3.16.13 PM-01.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 6.28.23 PM-01.png

2. Update your process

Now that paper forms are in your past, it's time to adapt your internal processes. Discuss with your staff how you want to process the enrollments and who is to do what. When you have the flow defined, document the process in your operations manual. An important feature of Just Fill Out are the email notifications sent to administrators when a parent completes an enrollment. Be sure to let us know the names and emails for each of your administrators and we’ll get them setup for you. (Note, you can always set them up yourself, it’s pretty simple, but we think a call or email to us may be easier for you, so it’s all part of the service). 


3. Notify parents

Be sure to let each prospective customer know that you use Just Fill Out to simplify the enrollment process, and direct them to your website saying, "just click the “Enrollment Link” and you can enter all the information we need to complete enrollment, all online…" or something like get the idea. You've made an investment in technology that benefits your customers, let them know about it, and benefit from it. You might also offer a set of instructions to your parents on how to login and complete the enrollment for parents who aren't as comfortable with tech. If you'd like some suggested copy, click here to download. 


4. Re-think your storage options

Switching to online enrollment packets may be a good time to switch how you store completed packets. You may have stacks of paper and file drawers full of enrollments, so now that they start off as electronic documents, perhaps this is a good time to store the files in the cloud like on Box or MS 365. In many cases, your licensing agency(ies) usually have a say in what you can do here. If you want some ideas in this area, just contact us. We're happy to discuss options we've seen work for others.


5. Connect with Your Just Fill Out Specialist

Stay in touch with us. Anytime you want to make changes to your Just Fill Out instance, just let us know. Your changes can be as small as a minor wording change in your Policy Handbook (which is now conveniently online as part of Just Fill Out) or more significant edits. Regardless, know that your Just Fill Out subscription includes ongoing support from our specialists. Our JFO Specialists are here to make sure you get the maximum benefit from online enrollment.

Just Fill Out Integration Partners

In this blog we’ll be briefly cover some of the integration tools that Just Fill Out offers. At Just Fill Out, we are committed to streamlining your enrollment process, so you can focus on the important things at your child care center like cultivating the growth and development of young children. As part of this ongoing effort, we are continually looking for new child care tools and software to partner with.