How does Just Fill Out accommodate signatures?

Just Fill Out allows for great flexibility when capturing signatures for important enrollment documents. While most centers opt for a digital signature handled through Just Fill Out, we also offer an integration with RightSignature (Citrix). However, if your center prefers manual signatures, you can export a hard copy of an enrollment packet on Just Fill Out and have parents physically sign the document.

Digital Signatures

Many centers elect to capture signatures digitally. This practice is similar to how the Internal Revenue Service collects signatures when filing taxes. When prompted for a signature, parents will type their name on Just Fill Out showing their understanding of the outlined terms and conditions. When exporting a completed enrollment packet, a time stamp indicating the date and signee will appear below the digital signature.


RightSignature (Citrix)

Consult Chris or Jared about this paragraph.

Manual Signature

To accommodate manual signatures, instruct parents to complete the public-facing end of an enrollment interview. Once completed, log into your Just Fill Out administrator account and scroll to the “In-Progress” or “Completed” queue. If your center has an internal page, go to the “In-Progress” queue and complete all required fields before proceeding. If your center does not have an internal page, go to the “Completed” queue.

Once an interview is in the “Completed” queue, select it in the grid and click “Export.” Choose your desired format (RTF, PDF, Excel, etc.). Open the exported file and have parents physically sign all blank signatures.


If you are ever unsure about the validity of any digital signatures, we encourage checking with your legal counsel before proceeding.

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