What is Just Fill Out?

Just Fill Out is an online enrollment software crafted specifically for child care centers. While there are other online enrollment applications on the market, Just Fill Out is the only software that transforms your existing enrollment documents to an entirely online and paperless platform. Use Just Fill Out to create flexible templates and generate new enrollment forms with ease. But don’t limit yourself to just enrollment forms. Just Fill Out works with almost any type of document; permission slips, employment applications, parent handbooks, and more!

Save time

We know that your time is more important than hunting down parents for incomplete applications or trying to read illegible handwriting. Just Fill Out is designed to save time for everyone, you and parents enrolling their children. Our software can capture information once and export it to all the appropriate documents. Gone are the days of writing a child’s name on five different pages of an enrollment packet. Enter it once, and forget about it.

Simplify your enrollment process

Spare parents the confusion and present them with only the relevant questions from your enrollment documents. Just Fill Out uses custom, response-dependent questions to ensure that you have all the information necessary for each child.

Enhance security

Traditional paper enrollment forms pose a serious security threat. With no safeguards in place, information captured through paper forms can be easily compromised. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their child’s sensitive information is encrypted with Just Fill Out.