Calculating the Annual Savings Resulting From Just Fill Out

Printing Costs

Printing stacks of parent handbooks, enrollment forms, and permission slips can quickly eat up your center’s office budget. For example, it costs approximately $0.09/page to print on a standard office printer. The two largest packets that centers print tend to be the parent handbook (~40 pages) and main enrollment packet (~25 pages). For a center with 100 children, printing 125 copies of each of these documents can cost $731.25 for every enrollment cycle. Assuming a center has a mid-year form update, printing an additional 100 copies of each of these documents costs $585.00, a total of $1,316.25 every year! This can translate to large savings for centers that transition to online enrollment. From savings on paper costs alone, a Just Fill Out subscription pays for itself.

Labor Costs

In addition to printing costs, paper enrollment forms come attached with several hidden costs. With paper forms, center administrators are forced to waste valuable time following up with parents about incomplete forms, copying and disseminating forms to enrolling families, searching for completed paperwork, and entering data from enrollment documents. While a Just Fill Out subscription will not abolish these responsibilities, it can drastically reduce the time spent on each. The table below outlines how much time and money Just Fill Out can save a center administrator.*

Labor Cost (v2).png

*Assuming a center administrator’s wage is $25/hour.