Will Just Fill Out save my center money?

The simple answer is yes. After implementing Just Fill Out centers find savings across their business. While there are obvious benefits, such as the decreased demand of paper, centers will also see less time spent by staff on the enrollment process. We’ve surveyed our current customers and found that for a typical 100 student, single location center, Just Fill Out saves over $1,000/year in printing costs and over $5,600/year in labor costs. To see how we calculated these savings, click here for a detailed breakdown.


Other Benefits of Just Fill Out

Through a user survey we found that Just Fill Out creates value in addition to printing and time savings. As a center moves to cloud solutions, fewer file cabinets are needed freeing up space for more productive uses. Harder to quantify, but perhaps more significant are other benefits realized by our customers. These include the following:

  • 100% audit compliance: all forms complete, typed, dated and signed.

  • Technology-forward image: online enrollment process makes a great first impression and parents recognize that you’ve made an investment that saves them time.

  • Increasing enrollments: With visibility of those parents that have started, but not yet completed, their enrollment forms, you can reach out to them and address any questions or hesitations they have in completing the enrollment.

For a comprehensive overview of how we calculate the annual savings from Just Fill Out, view this article.