5 Tips To Get Your Center Ready for Fall Enrollment

With the academic year coming to a conclusion, the beginning of summer can be a much-needed reprieve for many child care centers, it’s also a good time to start preparing for fall enrollment. In this month’s blog post, we’ll outline a few tips to ensure your center is primed for success in the fall.


1. Update your website and social media accounts
Having a well-maintained website is critical for keeping your enrollment numbers high. A prospective family will likely form their first impression off of your website. Make sure it has updated contact information, hours of operation, center policies, emergency procedures, and important enrollment deadlines. Do the same for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Having a strong social media presence can be a powerful supplement to your website increasing your center’s visibility online.

2. Review your enrollment forms
Set aside 30 minutes to read through and evaluate all the questions you are requiring on your forms. Ask yourself, is all the information we collect actually used? If not, you may want to cut out unnecessary questions to streamline the enrollment process for parents. This is also a good time to review tuition rates and update policies in your parent handbook. Make sure new rates, fees and charges are reflected accurately across the entirety of your forms.


3. Create a simple renewal process
The easiest sale is to your existing customers, so make your renewal process as hassle free as possible. With Just Fill Out, there are two primary ways that centers handle renewals. One way is to ask parents to go into Just Fill Out to update their info and then re-submit. The second is to have a separate form called “Annual Update,” which asks those questions specific to re-enrollment and collects information that is constantly changing.

4. Contact a Just Fill Out representative
Make sure to touch base with a Just Fill Out specialist to ensure that your instance is up-to-date. We are happy to update enrollment deadlines, add new facility policies, update administrator emails, or anything else that will ensure your center is ready for enrollment season. A Just Fill Out representative is always standing by and ready to help you make the changes you need to your forms.

5. Move To Cloud Storage
Taking the time to set up a Box or Google Drive account can improve your center’s process for distributing and storing completed forms. Having documents stored on the cloud makes for easier access for any staff member at your center. Teachers would be able to access documents from their phones, tablets or computer classrooms and saves a ton on printing. If your state requires hard copies of certain documents on file, only print the documents you are required to have and keep the rest digital and stored in the cloud on Google Drive or Box.