More Than Just Enrollment: Five Other Uses for Just Fill Out

In addition to paperless child care enrollment, Just Fill Out can be used for several other enrollment and paperwork needs. Employment forms, permission slips, summer camp forms and aftercare forms are just a few examples of what’s possible to host online with Just Fill Out.


The benefits of online enrollment are numerous. The entire process of filling out enrollment forms can be simple and easy for individuals (i.e. your new customers) if done online. Just Fill Out improves state compliance and saves time in the office by eliminating the need to deal with bad handwriting, incomplete forms, and scanning of documents. Since Just Fill Out works so well for enrollment packets, don’t stop there. Use Just Fill Out for the other forms cluttering your office. A few common examples below:

1. Aftercare Forms

Many centers host programs that care for school-aged children after elementary schools let out. Oftentimes, this is a separate program that requires separate forms from the standard enrollment packet. We found that the standard Aftercare Form shares over 80 percent of the same fields as a typical child care center's enrollment packet. For your existing customers, most of the additional information required to move into an Aftercare program can be hosted via a simple Just Fill Out application. Make it simple for parents/guardians to sign up. They’ll thank you.

2. Summer Camp

Much like Aftercare Forms, documents for summer camps have considerable overlap with the typical enrollment packet. With just a few supplemental questions, you can easily transform your center’s online enrollment packet into a simple online summer enrollment interview.


3. Field Trip Permissions

For center administrators, paper field trip permission slips can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only is it a drain on your physical resources, it can be hit-and-miss sending parents and children home with paper slips, only to have crumpled wads of paper returned to your center. We can setup your Just Fill Out instance to host permission slips. This way you can monitor signed permission slips in one convenient location.

4. Annual Updates

Does your state mandate annual updates of important information? Has your center recently changed tuition rates or released new policies and regulations? One way to ensure all parents/guardians have updated information is to process annual or periodic enrollment form updates with Just Fill Out. This will allow families to complete and sign the updated forms, giving you peace of mind that these important updates have reached the intended audience.

5. Employment Forms & Applications

Just Fill Out can also be a very practical tool for keeping track of your center’s employment documents. We’ve helped several centers setup an easy-to-use and intuitive employment section in Just Fill Out. Recently hired employees will login to Just Fill Out, just like a parent would, and fill in all the required state and center employment paperwork. And just like enrollment applications, you will be able to keep this data stored in Just Fill Out, and export and print documents as you need them.


In a recent survey of our customers, making the process easier for parents was the number one reason centers are using Just Fill Out. In today’s digital world, handing a new customer a packet of paper forms and telling them to fill out the forms and return it just doesn’t cut it anymore. If your center is still using paper forms for things like field trips and annual updates, consider using Just Fill Out to streamline your child care operations. You will realize the same great benefits of Just Fill Out across multiple dimensions of your business.